List of works executed in Utkal Alumina International Limited,

Doraguda, Tikiri, Rayagada, Orissa.

Name of the work Work Order Number Value in Rupees
Earthwork in excavation for pit for Fixed Crushing Plant & Conveyor package of Mines at Baphilimali Hill top
W.O.No.09/9540/03/591 dated 30-10-2009
Construction of Road and CD Works between Sorispadar Jn to Laxipur (Ch 0 to 8.70 Km of UAIL in Kashipur Block Rayagada Dist., Orissa
R/UAIL/S/173/0506 dated 30-01-2006
Drilling, Control Blasting, cutting & disposal of all types of rock & earth in that area and compaction up to 95% for UAIL, Kashipur Block, Rayagada Dist., Orissa.
R/UAIL/S/206/06-07 dated 08-05-2006
Construction of Railway siding earth work in formation, cutting & embankment including hard rock cutting within Railway corridor of UAIL in Kashipur Block, Rayagada Dist., Orissa
R/UAIL/S/014/06-07 dated 28-04-2006
Drilling, controlled blasting, cutting and disposal of all types of rock and earth at Plant area
Rock Cutting in Railway Embankment
08/9294/03/51 dated 02-07-2008
Construction of Mines Road from Ch.17.30 to Ch. 21.132 Km
08/9098/01/042 dated 11-06-2008 Amd.III dt.06-10-2009
Drilling, controlled blasting, cutting and disposal of all types of rock and earth in chainage 9500Mtr to 9950 Mtrs
08/9294/03/051 dated 02-01-2009
Removal of hard rock by super control blasting for foundation works of Wagon tippler, Junction tower, Belt conveyors etc., at UAIL, Doraguda, Orissa
09/9727/01/569 dated 19-09-2009
Construction of 1st phase of Ash Pond (Segment A) including embankment, Trenches, Laying of Lining etc., for 3 x 30 MW Captive Co-Gen Power Plant AT Utkal Alumina Refinery Project, Doraguda (Odisha)
09/9852/01/720 dated 20-01-2010 – Amendment dated 01.12.2010